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We offer The Joust & Bungee run adventure inflatable available for rent in CT. The Joust and Bungee run is sure to provide hours of fun at your upcoming event for guests of all ages. The jousting option turns your party guests into gladiators for the day as they can suit up in the protective head gear, grab a padded joust pole and step up on the padded jousting pedestal to see who  will become the victor. The guest to get knocked off first will leave the other on their pedestal in victory! The rental unit also transforms into a bungee run! Strap in to the bungee run vest which is attached to a bungee cord. You can run solo to see what is the furthest flag you can reach or race an opponent in a variety of bungee run competitions!

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Rental Price: $319

This is a great selection for people who want to have the option of enjoying the Joust and Bungee Run at their event. Players cannot do both at once; this is not two separate units. You have to take turns doing either the Joust or the Bungee Run however it is very quick and simple to switch between the two.

Gladiator Joust Arena Rental

Bungee Run Rental

Gladiator Joust Arena & Bungee Run Combo

Rental Price: $319
Rental Price: $399

Race an opponent to see who can overcome the bungee cord’s strength to reach the furthest flag.

Battle an opponent to see who can knock the other off their pedestal first using a padded jousting pole.

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